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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Down reentrant to trail, across the bridge, and contoured above the marsh. In a group. Passed Charlie a couple hundred meters from control. Took branch in the eye.
2. I've been there many times, but it didn't get me up the hill any faster. Mikell on my right, Ken on my left.
3. Left of line to avoid the green and the marsh. Ken and Mikell disappeared off to my right. A woman (Peggy?) was up ahead. Passed Deb Humiston climbing up to the second trail. Just as I was approaching flag, I saw Jeff S. way off to the left.
4. Up to the M&M. Knew just where to cut off and spiked it.
5. Skip. Seemed as good as any, and I prefer to skip early on.
6. Ken skipped too and I could see him up ahead on the trail. I was gaining on him.
7. Converged with a large (faster) group coming from 5. Kept them in sight.
8. Closing on Ken, but I stopped for water and he was gone. J-J coming in behind me.
9. I took a straighter line than J-J, but he's faster in the woods.
10. Trail run! Could see Ken up ahead. JJ popped in from nowhere just in front of me. I took a hard fall on the rocky Quarry Trail and lost some time. Somehow, I got ahead of Ken cutting off the trail loop between the ponds and didn't see him again until the run-in from 20. J-J left the trail early, but attacking from the bend was just as fast.
11. J-J and a couple others zoomed out of 10 as I was climbing to punch, and I was on my own until 15. I followed the line to the bend in the Teabag trail, then over the knolls, left of the cliffs, up past the marsh, and right to it. Walking all the ups now.
12. Drank a lot of water. Came passed the boulder to the north, then up.
13. Contoured right to it.
14. +12:00Disaster! Must have veered way right of the line, but stupidly persevered even though nothing looked right. I eventually doubled back to relocate on a stream when I saw Steve Tarry. After following him for a bit I looked at my compass and realized he was going to 11! (and on the same route I had taken). At least I knew where I was. Passed a couple girls on the way to 14, and punched just ahead a girl with a USA team shirt.
15. USA stayed on line, but I went a bit left to catch a piece of the Teabag and head down the spur to the road. Saw Jim H. ahead going around the knoll, but it was faster going straight over.
16. Met up with a crowd at 15 including Deb, Sam L., and a couple of girls speaking a foreign language.
17. Deb and I got ahead of the rest here, though we were moving pretty slow ourselves.
18. Got across the first marsh on logs. Deb said that wasn't so bad, and I pointed out we hadn't hit the river yet. It took two steps, about mid-thigh deep. The boulder at 18 was one of three I added when I fieldchecked my section of the map. (Another was used for the sprint. Made me happy to have my boulders be chosen, like a proud father.)
19. I wasn't moving fast, but I knew exactly where I was going and I lost Deb here.
20. Passed on the road by a blonde with a camelbak (Kristen?) Stayed with her to the control, but by the time I got into position to punch without cramping, she was gone.
F. Surprised to see Ken behind me, given my huge error. Gave me incentive to jog a bit harder just in case he put on a sprint.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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