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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. As my left knee gets sore when I run and is getting physical therapy, my strategy for the day is to walk for at least the first half of the course. Never having done that in a goat race before, I envisioned watching the pack fade into the woods and having to follow elephant tracks to the first control. Surprisingly, my walking pace kept me in contact with a number of other competitors. Lost touch with the map, but the pack led me to the control OK.
2. Slogging uphill, my resolution not to run doesn't matter -- no way I would have been running here.
4. The woods were so nice, and wanting to not go with the pack on a navigationally easy leg, I went straight rather than follow the trail. Charlie DeWeese behind me took a similar route.
5. Trail to the road, at which point attempted to go straight to the control rather than around on the road. Cliffs, ugh! Almost went too low. Someone else on the same rough route helped me notice the right point at which to contour around under the cliff to the control.
6. Passed Sharon going up the hill, but I hesitate and we reach the control at about the same time. Meet up with Dean Sturtevant, who comes in from a different angle having skipped 5.
7. Cross the clearing and continue into the woods a bit left of the line, planning to get below the row of cliffs early. Dean and others stay more to the right. A minute later I'm checking my compass because I'm getting closer than expected to the big cliffs on the left. A few seconds later my bearing to the control is pointing down a 150m cliff. Checked compass and north lines on map and after a couple of seconds wondering how much iron is in the rocks, it's time to ignore the compass and just use the map's topography. Take the trail and find the control pretty easily.
10. The runners with me pull away on the trail. I make up some ground by going straight over the hill. But then at the T junction I head a little left of the line and pretty soon am on my own. Nearing the control my pace count runs out and the terrain undulates for what seems too long. I worry about having missed the control but Dean S. and another pull me along and find it.
11. Attempt to go low. On my own, lose touch with the map and don't hit a trail for a long time, so revert strategies and end up crossing the road a little above the Teabag Trail. Worked my way up and left of the line, through the saddle overlooking the control where I met Dean again.
12. Includes time eating bananas and pocketing fig bars. Dean headed for 12 ahead of me and I went too low. Lost a minute to him.
13. But saw him leaving 13 as I approached.
14. Crossed paths with Dean again shortly after map was giving me some problems. He suggested where we might be. I confirmed it to my satisfaction and then led to the control.
16. Around on the footbridge. With the good footing and trails on this leg, I thought it was safe to test my running legs at last. The knee seemed to tolerate a slow pace.
17. Stumbled while running on the trail.
19. Skipping 18, I took the road back to 19 to stay dry and have sure footing. The mild incline of the road surprised me when I had to stop running. The Bundschuh/Tryson bunch was coming down the steep section near the control as I went up.
20. Reached the control a few seconds after the group of four.
F. Jogging "all out", I managed to pass them and boost my place by 4.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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