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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. followed crowd nw to trail, cross bridge. In hindsight, avoiding the rolling reentrants would have been a good idea.
2. I was in pain on this leg. Note to self: Before a Billygoat, warm up better. My calves were screaming and I had to slow down.
3. Over the ridge S of the line, run trail to just before hil on R, follow reentrant to control.
4. While going to #3 I had time to think about the skip. Noticing that #4 was even more of a climb, I chose it. But then I overheard someone say that it seemed that skipping #5 would save more of a climb. Sounded like a good idea to me. Besides, my legs were feeling much better on this climb.
5. Skip.
6. Caught up with a crowd here.
7. Went with Bob Lux, not using trail. He drifted W, I tried staying E but still ended up too far W - but not so far that I couldn't see the control. Punched in just after Sharon + somebody else.
10. Run trail to end then make a beeline to 10 and run. Mistake: should have taken a line to avoid the cliffs.
11. Followed Peter Goodwin and Bob Lux for a while. Briefly parted when they went high and I went low, but we rejoined just after the road. I probably should have kept following, but I felt like navigating myself. Took a more or less straight course. Probably again should have avoided cliffy contours. Met Scott Turner at #11.
14. Scott and I crisscrossed on the way to #14, - we both got confused, but Scott assimilated the sums of our knowledges very well and led me to the control.
17. Now I'm beginning to doubt I can make it under time, so I pick up the pace.
18. If I weren't pressed for time, I would have avoided the waist-deep crossing. Not too bad, though. Slight error: Went high near control and had to come down.
19. Got confused with the various hills. Plan was to skirt the rocky one on the right, end up skirting the big one instead. Should have followed Tanya out of #19.
20. Keeping a fairly good pace here, considering I'd been going for several hours.
F. What was I worried about? Made it with 8 minutes to spare. Great course - Thanks, Will.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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