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Race Evaluation

OOC Kanata Lakes: Long Advanced


1. long trail run, shooting off intersection
2. drifted right 110m
3. I have no memory of this leg.
4. I expected to learn that I had run right by control 3 w/o punching. With so much confusion coming out of control 3: swimming towards control 4, worried about wearing those same shoes to work tomorrow, four of us missing control 4 no matter which way at it. I even asked Lorna if she remembered seeing me punch last control. I hadn't even caught her by that point. I carried on, decided not to swim the marsh twice more, expecting a MP all the way through the course. Bottom line: I didn't quit and I'm delighted to have results that stand.
5. I took the trails then N of marsh, I shot straight W.
6. Having faced reality, I didn't punch 3 and I'd be wearing wet shoes to work, I slowed right down and went overland to spike control, a very rare occurance.
7. I drifted 90m right but saw both rock piles as catching features.
8. Ran to double rockpiles then N through lovely fast open terrain.
9. Robbie ran by and I stuck like glue.
10. I soon lost Robbie but actually ran my best leg, according to data: S to pasture, then building, W on trail across railroad, SW across pasture to trail flash marking dry crossing of deep, dangerous ditch and picked up the back of another racer just before control.
11. I got additional guidance from runner still in my view.
12. NNW toward fence line which I tried to follow but terrain got too green. Jumped fence in to pasture until deep stream then back across fence. I crossed stream on rail ties which don't float anyway. There was a crowd of other course runners at control.
13. I considered following railroad but remembered I should be intimately familiar with a straight over land...and I was.
14. I drifted 50m right. I should have swung left around hill.
15. Down the tracks and left later than runner in front of me.
F. Made the younger racer pass me on final trail leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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