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Race Evaluation

Return to the Water Gap Day 1: Red


1. +04:00Attacked from stone wall but somehow missed it high, dropped down past it, stupidly followed Jim H. for 50 m (he had already punched), then went back. Lesson: aim a little low.
3. +02:00Bad route choice: to end of ruined stone wall, then through green. A lot of hesitation.
4. +03:00Let someone ahead of me pull me left. Wandered around before finding it.
6. Took trail below the line until it turned NW. Then, along the cliffs, to the right of the marsh, and right to it.
7. Probably 45 sec. here drinking water and showing some old guy where we were on the map.
8. +01:00Came over the spur a bit past it. Then saw John F. coming from it while I was staring at the map.
9. Stayed right of the line, well above the river, using where it bends from W. to NW to lead me there.
10. +01:30Checked out a green control off the side of a knoll (in a reentrant) 75 m. short. Then went wrong way before correcting properly.
11. +07:30Abducted by aliens.
12. Fast, because I had already gone to 12 before finally finding 11. And I was pissed.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:00

Split Analysis

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