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Race Evaluation

Return to the Water Gap Day 2: Blue


1. Straight.
2. Much too far around to the right.
3. Close to #6, then followed the grain of the terrain. While punching, Csaba Tisztartto arrives and says he just had a close encounter with a bear, gesturing in the direction of my next control!
6. NE to the small trail, figuring on using it to get through the green, and was pleasantly surprised when I realized it kept going in the direction I need to go. Slight deley near the end when I got a little confused about whcih ridge I was on, and climbed one needlessly.
7. Couldn't make sense of the map as I got near the control, and took a slightly circuitous route, thinking I might be in the wrong place, but I was in the right place after all.
9. Wheeeee!!
10. N of the hill that lies E of the control.
11. Trail to junction NW of control, then W of marsh. Missed a smidge to the right, but was able to see the control when I topped out on the ridge.
12. Back out the way I came, took the small trail that's parallel to the line on the north side, and out to the road. Mikkel Conradi was ahead of me in here, and pulling away. SW on road to bend, then south of most of the green stuff.
13. Started out on a bad heading, almost went right of western lake. Between the lakes, amazed at how the upper one was overflowing.
14. Across the Pickerel Pond dam, trails to 200 m NW of control, then straight.
16. Through some of the medium green to get down to the trail -- false economy.
17. Caught the trail left of the line eventually, but had to churn through a lot of green stuff to get to it.
18. Out to road, S a little way, then ran along the top of a line of cliffs until I was due W of control, and straight in from there.
19. Trails.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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