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Race Evaluation

CSU Orienteering Weekend: Middle


1. +01:00messed up- over ran
2. +01:00also messed up! looked on wrong side of knoll
3. trail and in
4. northern trail and in
5. to trail and in
6. +01:00overshot on northern trail
7. to N and then S of swamps
8. to trail
9. +01:00trail then SW- stopped as unsure
10. +00:15straight to large rocky clearing
11. +00:15trail to E then N
12. +00:15to trail then attack from edge of semi-cleared/cliff line
13. +01:00straight - attacking from rocky clearing to E. Lost shoe in swamp crossing!
14. +00:30Confused by trail system- in the end trusted compass direction
15. N of swamp to pond
16. skirted SW pond
17. E of swamp and over- inefficient line
18. +01:00Trail to attack form bend but headed E not N- ouch
19. straight
20. straight
21. straight

Total Time Lost - 00:07:15

Split Analysis

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