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Race Evaluation

ROC Fall Classic: Day 2: Red


1. +04:00Not exactly sure what happened, but I think ended up SW of the control. I try to start carefully but I just wasn't reading the map well yet.
2. Hesitated a little. Attacked from the trail to the N, over the small saddle and around.
3. Should have drifted S of the line to ease climb, but nailed it.
4. Hit the trail and hopped over to the reentrant
5. +01:00I thrashed the wrong way. Went W instead of S b/c it looked easier. Maybe it was. But it wasn't easy.
6. Knew what I was going to do well before I did it. Worked well.
7. Ditto.
8. +01:00Probably could have taken a shorter cut through the open stuff.
9. Hit it from around the hill to the S.
11. Went the long way around, to the trail on the E. Again, it looked easier. Not sure if it was beter (probably wasn't).

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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