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Race Evaluation

ROC Fall Classic: Day 2: Red


1. took tracks to nearest junction, then read contours carefully
2. +03:000ut to track west, then attacked from due north of control. Mis-read re-entrants, went too far, found and punched a wrong control (only realised later that it was no. 12). Looped back north then west and found it.
3. +01:00ran hard on straight line but drifted west to track junction, not concentrating, still annoyed about no. 2. Looped round on track and in carefully.
4. straight to track junctions, then in
5. ran straight but didn't pick up track until very near car park. Easy approach off track.
6. west to track through marsh, then attack off track bend.
7. straight across then open, found knoll, but nearly didn't see the well hidden control
8. straight to track, then back into the green from track bend
9. straight, through the open areas just north of the OOB, then careful contour reading in the green
10. ran straight into marsh, which was very wet, so sharp left to go round it
11. +01:30tried to go straight but got caught on some really steep slippy stoney slopes! Bailed out to tracks to SE, should have gone that way straight away.
12. Straight carefully reading contours, found control, realised I'd been there before!
13. Past no. 2, onto track, left round marsh, into open and run real hard.
F. Good finish, but 2 and 3 cost me the race.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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