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Race Evaluation

US Individual Champs 2009: Brown Day 1 US Champs


1. careful but straight
2. +03:50inexplicably headed off nne on n side of depression n of trail which I never saw; came to my senses and headed se but had no clue until the long reentrant about 350m wnw of bag; still was very hesitant but thought I would see if the saddle about 175m wnw of bag would come into view, which it did; finally came to the realization that the bag was on a ridge rather than a valley; I saw the curve in the ridge (see routegadget)
3. down the valley
4. almost straight on the right of the hilltops and depression
7. +00:15to depression about 50m ne
9. up
F. fabulous terrain, map and course

Total Time Lost - 00:04:05

Split Analysis

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