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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander:


1. Followed Randy and Alan. Lost contact, and start to drift right. I ask Erin where we are and she points and says "There's Peter over there (farther right)." Enough said...Then I think everyone is too high at the end and I miss low.
4. See Vladimir on his way out. Run through someone's campsite. They look flustered - particularly the dog.
5. Diagonal up and finally catch sight of Randy. Aland and Vlad and others went more straight up and along the ridge. I tell Randy we are just ahead of them.
6. We overshoot left and that pack catched us.
7. after halfway I'm not reading at all - just following.
8. I get dropped about halfway and navigate on my own (finally!) cleanly off the swamp and giant rock.
9. See the other guys (alan, Randy, Francis F) stumbling out of the rocky gully. I hear sticks breaking low. I stay high and run along the shelf below the ridge. Catch Randy near the back of the train and yell "YEEEHHAAAA" as I come down the ridge.
11. 29s of this at the rest stop.
12. Walk up the ridge. See Ksenyia doing loop 2 at the top. Alan and I together, Randy right behind us.
14. We catch Francis F. here.
15. Randy wins!
16. Contour around left.
18. Francis goes left, I go right over the ridge and above swamp. We punch together.
22. I manage to pull away by about 30s. Alan, Francis F. and Randy just behind.
23. Handrail right along steep. Francis goes by about halfway, in the thicker stuff. We both end up right of the big marsh. WE decide to go for a swim and cut directly across the island in the middle and swim again on the other side. Alan goes past. Said he heard some water buffaloes in the marsh. We all punch together.
24. Francis goes right around cliffs - Randy and I follow Alan left. See Francis again about 200m out. I follow Francis and he misses left and past by about 150m. Randy and Alan go by and point back to the control. I gather that they are speeding up, so put on some speed to catch them. Francis just behind me.
25. burn speed.
26. speed.
27. speed. Finally catch those guys at the power line. Francis is with us.
28. Alan says he will have to stop and change his shoes - blisters. 1:03 stop at aid station.
29. Francis and I together, Ranndy just behind.
30. Trail right around swamp and then up the ridge. Francis and I miss right at the top. Randy just below, sees us miss.
31. Down the ridge to a clearing which is shit. Bail into the trees in a big reentrant and down to the bottom. 2 steps later I lose contact and blindly follow Francis. We had decided to go through the gap in PIne swamp, but I gather that we didn't do that. Finally after being massively confused on a long trail run Francis points out the big boulder on the marsh. I'm still looking for a big yellow marsh on my left, but we are only 50m from the control at this point. Had attacked off this rock on the way to 8, but didn't realize it until Francis pointed it out.
32. Still trying to get my witts after being completely befuddled.
33. Finally navigating again. With Francis.
35. A little left.
37. 2:08 of this at the aid station. Ate bananas and cookies.
38. Ran all the rest with Francis F. Pleasant trail running and conversation.
44. Attack off clearing then laurels (same ones I used to get to the GO at the Team Trials).
45. Francis pulls away on the road. I catch him again at the control.
46. Can't keep up with him on the road. He pulls me hard, and graciously waits for me at the GO control so we can finish together.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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