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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander:


1. In a train - behind Peggy most of the way
2. With Peggy and George W for the entire first loop. Tim Good with us too most of the time.
12. Includes 2:41 at aid station. Drop back about 100m from our little pack as they leave the aid station ahead of me
13. Catch back up to Peggy, George and Tim by staying high while they circled around low.
14. Thanks to Peggy, we spike the control and move up six places as Rick Dewitt, Bernie Breton, Phil Bricker, Doug Gosling and two others head back to the bag as we leave
16. See Rick and Bernie still looking for 14
17. Peggy and George climb and find the bag and drop Tim and me for the moment
18. Suddenly I'm by myself (except for a cadet) and get to navigate.
19. The first leg I navigate alone (the cadet ran ahead and went to the wrong side of the hill). Leg similar to a leg at the team trials!
20. Rick and Bernie pass and we catch Peggy, George and Tim at the control
21. Suddenly it's crowded - about eight of us at the water stop.
22. I'm starting to fade and the group starts to pull away.
23. Let the group go as I finally admit that their pace is too fast for me (and I'm about to pay for it). Take the trail around to the left so I'm alone the whole way. Spike the control but legs cramp just as I get there.
24. Head south and pick up the stream and trail to get up to the top of the ridge. Pick up a cadet who must have bonked (he was just sitting there as I passed by and seemed glad to be able to follow someone)
25. Phil Bricker appears just as we approach the control.
27. Come in a bit low and have to climb to the control. Cramp five feet from the bag.
29. Includes 11:05 at aid station - cramping, resting and eating. Several people come into the aid station while I'm there. Paul B says the leaders are finishing. I've got a long way to go.
30. King of the Mountain - with Charlie, Glen Brake and others.
31. Saw going north of Pine Swamp as a better route choice, but followed the crowd instead - down the steep hill and into the swamp. Sharon appeared, followed closely by Mark Cornish as we approached the swamp. Crossing the swamp I fell and went in above my waist - the water was pretty cold and I cramped again. Charlie and Glen Brake emerged from the swamp the same time I did, with Charlie having had a similar experience in the swamp. Bob Bullions also there on this leg. The WCOC crew (Goodwins, Henderson and Nietupski) appears at the bag having taken the (better) northern route.
32. With the WCOC crew for the rest of the course, mostly in follow and finish mode.
38. Includes 2:09 at aid station. Followed the trails for most of the loop. Very nice area with great views.
40. Tim Good, Sharon and Mark looking for the bare rock. Pete Goodwin finds it first and the pack grows - Sharon and Mark pull away a couple controls later.
43. See Tim headed back to 39, he's not happy.
45. John Goodwin takes off on the road run. Peter, Jim, Rich and I jog/walk.
46. Peter, Jim and I pick it up to a jog/run when we notice Tim running the road on the previous leg. It hurts but we're just about done.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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