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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander:


1. Followed a pack that included Peter and Rick D. When I tried to locate where we were on the map I would almost fall off the back: very risky. Sometime I'll ask Peter how we got there.
2. +02:00Only Rick in sight, and he headed toward marsh. I went left to trail. Got confused and went to 3 instead of 2 (spiked it though!). Not an auspicious start. (As I was standing at the control, Peter came over the hill 20 meters to my right: a miss for him.) Over the hill to 2: noone there.
3. Spiked it again!
4. Took trail past marshy area. Direct route probably faster.
5. Leaving 4, Joe B. and another passed me. I hung with them, following a nice unmapped trail. Fast and accurate.
6. Keeping them in sight for one more (fast) control.
7. +01:00By myself. Switch gears to slow and careful. A bit left of line, but caught up in some laurel. Followed boulders right to it. Rick D. (and Bernie?) were way off to the E., but came in as I finished my second cup of water.
8. +01:00Left side of marsh, to trail, and along marshes to circle; but didn't read the circle well and had to hunt around (with others).
9. +00:45Peggy and George passed me on way to trail. I followed Peggy, a bit right and past the control; but she corrected quickly.
12. Includes 3 minutes at aid station. With Peggy and George on trail. They headed toward the road at first bend and I started to follow, then said: "don't we have to go to the start triangle?" And we all trudged back up. Took road, then up the trail. I dropped Peggeorge and caught up with Doug G.'s group.
13. Slow along the cliffs.
14. +05:00Decided climbing up and then back down looked better (and safer). But ended up past the control and too high. Doug's group also missed, as had Rick and Bernie, who were even further up. As we were heading back down, Peggy came by muttering something unhelpful like: "Remember guys, this is the technical loop."
15. More or less with Rick D. for next three controls.
18. Went right of line by the marsh, but met back up with Rick (and Bernie?) at the flag.
20. Doug and group went way past. Saw Peggy's group leaving: had made up some ground.
23. On the back of Peggy's group now, with Tim G. She spiked it.
24. Still following. Stretch of nasty, chest high barbery (?) where I took a bad fall. Toes cramping.
25. +08:00Separated from the group, I decided to head down first and contour around; but I ended up way too low. Saw Rick and Bernie wandering the hillside too, but they found it first and saved me by telling me it was "way up" the hill. Got to the flag with Glen T. (and someone else).Never saw Peggy's group again.
26. A bit left, and got hung up in downed trees.
27. Slow down steep hill. Took direct line to cliff, while Glen T and other took power line, and I got there well ahead.
29. Includes 3 minutes at aid station. On my own, though can see Tim G. and Doug G up ahead. Just walking now, though pass Tim G. who's walking slower, and not feeling well.
30. Slow, but right to it.
31. I wanted to avoid steep downhill because my hamstring was starting to cramp, so I went northeast along the spur. Hit 200 meters of almost impassable, chest high shrubery with numerous massive downed trees to climb over. Probably took five minutes to get through it. Then to marsh, trail and right to it. Caught up to Doug (and Justin?) on the trail, and went ahead; Doug nursing an injured knee.
32. Walking, but spiked it.
33. Ditto.
34. +01:30Too far right and missed the marsh. Took a minute to figure it out, but corrected OK. (Should have gone left to avoid all the laurel.)
36. Stayed high, then came down right before it. Haven't we been here before?
38. Includes 2:30 at aid station. Nobody either coming or going.
39. To trail bend, up to trail by the big cliff, through the gap between cliffs, along west sids of marsh to trail. Very slow, but Spiked it.
40. +05:00Hunted around for a while without finding it and went back to trail to attack again. Saw a horde of people, including Charlie, Doug, and Glen B, coming up the trail towards me. (Company at last!) Then hunted with them for a while until someone found it.
41. We missed the trail option and went up the reentrant. Slow going.
42. In a crowd: forcing me to move a bit faster than I had been, which is good.
44. Doug stopped to wait for Justin; so just Charlie, Glen, and I head down trail, attack from the clearing and right to it.
45. Glen falls back. I'm a tad faster then Charlie, so I pull ahead and run just fast enough to stay ahead.
F. Hamstring held up, but only because of how slowly I did the second half.

Total Time Lost - 00:24:15

Split Analysis

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