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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander:


1. Tried to keep Peggy in sight. Basically following a long line. Every time I looked at my map, I lost my place in line, so I cut it out. Not a reliable source for where I was.
2. Again, following Peggy, at some distance, and not really in control.
3. OK, the group got away and I was on my own.
5. This was fun. My route choice strategy was to go to the place on the map that had the least detail. Went up to the ridge line and along the type. Nice running, easy navigation. Fun. Saw Kirsten Begg near the control.
6. Starting to develop a line of folks behind me.
7. Picked up Jim Henderson and Rich Nietupski at the control.
8. Leading a pack. Stopped to take a stone out of my shoe, and got passed by a stream of about 20 folks! Peter & John Goodwin were at the front.
10. Went low with John Goodwin, and got there just ahead of some folks who had gone high.
12. A little flummoxed by the distance of the start triangle from the aid station, and got rescued by Peter Goodwin, who saw me headed out into the wilderness.
13. With Glen Brake and Susie DeWitt
14. +00:10Saw all the detail and couldn't read it, so I followed Glen for quite a while, until we decided he was looking for 14 instead of 13, and we had to go back and relocate. Fell back in with the Goodwins and Hender-tupskis, but lost Susie in the process.
16. Very pleasant leg. Behind Jim H, and others.
17. In the pack, saw Sharon up ahead, and began to reel her in.
18. A fairly big crowd, I was mostly with Glen B and the Goodwins
19. Catching up to Sharon again
20. Sharon and the others missed it to the right. I got in right away, just ahead of Glen, and we were out before the others recovered.
21. Nice leg, spiked it, although I fell on a root right before it and spiked my leg. Lay on the ground moaning for a while.
22. Saw Susie near the control, but, alas, she was looking for #17.
23. Glen and I were out ahead of the pack, and couldn't seem to decide whether to go up (my idea), or low (his), so we ended up right in front of the marsh, and the rest of the gang caught up as we backed out and around to the left.
24. Peter Goodwin was leading. Saw Sergei followed by Will up on Bald rocks, stroking along nicely on loop 4. The pack went down the reentrant and contoured and I got ahead going straight in.
25. John Goodwin and I were a bit in front here. Easy leg, straight in and spiked.
26. Got ahead, but wobbled a bit 50 meters short and got caught by Sharon
27. With Sharon. She punched just ahead, and swung the punch! Old habits die hard!
28. Hustled in to the map exchange, although John G passed me easily. Saw several loop 4 runners heading out, including Scott P., Nadim, Daniel Schaublin
29. Alone. Got a little slow toward the end as I was looking around for something that looked right.
30. Up the long reentrant along the streambed. Got passed by Hohn Maier and Glen, as I got really strong hamstring cramps in both legs. Thought about just turning around and trying to get out alive. Hard to get up the hill, mostly because of cramps. Peter Goodwin was behind. King of the Mt timer was long gone by the time I got there.
31. Bob Bullions passed and went down the hill at a brisk pace. I was with Glen and led him into the swamp, apparently right of the best line. Ended up falling in face first, and slogging N along the stream until I found a place I could cross. Plently cold, but it made my cramps feel much better. Crossed the second marsh area just right of the big rock, where we saw a bunch of kids who told us there was a flag up the hill and lots of people, and we were going the right way. Cute.
32. +03:00Feeling tired and hooked on behind Sharon. She got way too far off to the right. By the time we relocated, we were off the pack again.
33. Caught back up to the Goowins and Hendertupskis and walked.
34. Still walking, Sharon in sight, as she had taken a straighter line on the last control and got by.
35. Still behind Sharon
36. Easy
38. With Glen B, on the trail behind a sprightly pair of cadets. Walked.
39. Somewhat laboriously up the reentrant. At the trail the cadets said they were going around on the trail, at variance with my original plan of going straight along the marsh. I was easily converted!
40. Trail. Picked up Phil Bricker near the control, who had been looking a while.
41. Got off the front as I decided to go straight instead of backtracking for the trail. Kind of nasty in parts, but worked well. Cadets went around on the trail and got there about the same time.
42. Trail. Picked up Doug Gosling, who led us for a while. Others were Phil, Glen B and Bob Bullions
43. Trail
44. Following Doug until the trail got funky and he stopped. I figured south and downhill was an unbeatable combination, and just hustled along with Phil and Glen, cutting off near the clearing, although we weren't precisely sure where the clearing was, and getting in to the control just fine.
45. Phil was faster on the road, although I was pushing pretty hard, hearing footsteps. Later decided the footsteps were mine, as Glen had stopped to walk, and nobody was back there
46. Following Phil and trying pretty hard.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:10

Split Analysis

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