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Race Evaluation

US Sprint & UltraLong champs: Middle: Red X


1. +01:00Started off following a compass bearing in the wrong direction. Hit the "water" ditch and was confused. I could see the control was a dtich but I couldn't see the watercourse on the map. Time to get my eyes checked out. Followed ditch but very slow moving through debris and unsure. Saw rootstock with control and ran over to it. I was way off. Figured where I must be and slowly went to the control
2. +01:00Decided to straight line it. I figured the ponds would be easy to spot. I was to far north, never saw the ditch. I could see I had gone to far and was about the correct distancy from the field. I cut back towards #1 and came to a control in a pit. Never did see either ditch.
3. +01:00Cut around the marsh/green, crossed the road and up a reentrant. Again followed a bad bearing and ended up north of #3 so ran to the wrong spur. Had to cut back.
4. I stopped following the compass at this point. Straight to the control. Cut off the trail earlier than most peoplel.
5. +00:30Did not climb up to the trail but should have. Ran along the side of the hills. Got confused just short of the circle (partly because the circle was hiding the contour). Climbed up a contour only to see the control farther down.
6. went to the trail this time.
7. trails around
9. angled up the trail.
10. straight. Coudn't see trail on the map
11. trail
12. right by 14, but didn't see it as I wasn't paying attention to it.
13. side of hill around.
14. trail
15. right of first pond then up to main field. Ran along field but cut

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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