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Race Evaluation

US Sprint & UltraLong champs: Sprint: Red


1. I was rushed getting to the starting line because I though my start was a couple minutes earlier. I actually started a few minutes behind Ted Good. I ran up the hill at the beginning easy so as to locate myself on the map. I read the vegetation changes before coming off the trail.
2. I used the trail to the bend but then got farther left than planned. That was okay though since I realized it quickly and reduced climb. Once across the ridge at the saddle, I cut right, passed #5 and went right into the control.
3. I went over the knoll at #2 and angled down. I was a bit left but surprised that I couldn't see the control sooner than I did.
4. I ran fairly true and straight to #4.
5. I'd been past #5 before so I knew what to expect. I ran w/confidence.
6. +00:30I got too far right and then got a bit confuse. I think it was just that I was getting more tired and not thinking well. I let myself get distracted by a control in the reentrant for the Green course even though I knew I needed a knoll. I just wasn't expecting the control location to look as it did from teh map.
7. +00:10I ran straightish and after crossing the ridge I hit the trail bend just right. Next I got a bit too far left. The smaller contour interval was getting me. I didn't drop down to the left but went gingerly since I was trying to read a shallow reentrant that was to lead up to the control. Following the drop to my left, I saw it to my right.
8. Straight but slowly so as not to make a mistake.
9. I cut through the pines. It was good running.
11. +00:20I saw Clint Moris go to the left to use a trail. I went straight across the rough open field. It was slow and tiring. To make matters worse, I hadn't focused on the map enought and missed well to the right. I had come close to the road and had to work my way back along the edge of the vegetation to the control. Along the way, just a bit before reaching the control, I saw Clint Moris exiting and headed to #12.
12. I tried to make-up some ground lost in the open terrain but probably just kept even. I wasn't much to spectate upon.
13. I chased Clint Moris and Jeff Shapiro on trails the whole way.
14. I chased Clint Moris and Jeff Shapiro while on trails to the right and I eventually passed both. I went around to the left from the t-intersection and right to it.
15. +00:15I started out moving ahead of Clint Moris but upon attacking, I let myself get distracted by a control to my left. Jeff Shapiro passed us back.
16. +00:10I was getting sloppy. I went back to the trail, not being confident enough to go straight to the tree.
17. +00:30After hitting the trail as if I were going straight, I hesitated. Clint Moris went on as I kind of backed up to go left around the messy field on trails. I'd gone through it earlier when headed to 11 and thought it was slower. However, this time, the field was quicker. I could also have not backed-up and gone on trails to the right.
F. I had trouble getting around a slower orienteer through the curves and I was tired/winded.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:55

Split Analysis

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