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Race Evaluation

Shamrock O-Ringen, Glengarriff Area: 1


1. P D P R 4 Took the time to put my map in the bag. First hill came really fast, compass and took my time. Was left of the control but that was fine and got it nicely.
2. P P R 5 Wow. Turns out I was super lucky, though maybe I made my own luck? Plan was to go up the marshy re-entrant and follow it up as high as I could go. Then compass from there. I was waaay lower it seems. Matched up the wrong hill. It seemed to be taking ages to get across the flat bit so I thought I must be a bit low. Aimed off right quite heavily and landed exactly on the control just in front of Colm O'Halloran with a little fist pump to celebrate my awesomeness!!
3. P D P R 4 Up the re-entrant and cut just right of the cliff. Ran on this track that I found for a bit and then went on the compass. Saw the hills looming out of the fog and it was simple from there.
4. P D P R 5 I was scared by the map here, where there was a clear lack of rock features on it. Decided to go for it and use the contours. Knew I was at the bottom of the first big re-entrant. Then the crags after the marsh worked well. The two re-entrants before the control led me in perfectly. Nice fastest split.
5. P D P R 4 Up and over. Aimed a little right and dropped in nicely.
6. P D P R 4 +00:10Suffered up the hill. HR was pretty high so I contained my effort a bit. Leg was easy, though I probably did drop 10s or so by going under the crags and having to climb into the control, though maybe more on 7!
7. P 5 +01:00Because I had just climbed into, I was tired so I didn't want to climb more, I skirted around the summit. This meant I was unsure of my line down past 3, so I had to compensate and went all the way over to three. Pushing hard down the hill on the compass I didn't read my map enough, especially after the major crag I was aiming for. Saw it, saw Gina, did an epic jump over a crag and kept pelting it along the flat. Suddenly everything was flat and I couldn't see the hill I had expected to my right. I stopped. Realised what had happened and ran back to somewhere that I definitely knew where I had been. Slowed down and went again. Made sense of the ground and got the control well. Impressed by my self control here but should have slowed down sooner. In the lead overall here.
8. P D P R 4 Made this control easy for myself. Hill, re-entrant, right of the hill, into the control. I though it would be a south facing crag but no biggy. Saw c.hill running up the hill towards me!
9. P D P R 4 Compass. Fog suddenly lifted and I slowed a bit to cope with the change. Picked up the features and ran into the control nicely.
10. P D P R 4 Saw c.hill running down the hill into 9. He came past me pretty fast on the way up to 100 but I let him go. Legs were feeling tired on this climb so I suffered on but didn't destroy myself. Kept a little high and executed it perfectly. Colm climbed up the cliffs to the right and I went beside the hill for a nice spike.
11. P D P R 5 +00:10Left 10 the wrong way thinking about c.hill. Saw the pylons were getting close so I corrected up the hill. Tried to run hard as far as the ridge where I could just drop down. A lot of unmarked rock here. WAs a little high and hit a nice circular hill with a crag, but no control! It was under the circle on my map. A close examination and I found it and went to the control. 10s dropped.
12. P D P R 4 Hared it off down the hill. Legs had survived the bit of climbing. Went over the hill as runnability was great. Big crags led me into the control.
13. P D P R 4 +00:20I really don't remember the start fo this leg. I ran up. Then I wasn't sure where I was. Couldn't see the features on the ground or the map. Wandered a bit and eventually saw the control. Silly.
14. P D P R 3 Run! Big hill so it was obvious. Past that and control was visible.
15. P D P R 3 Again run to the hill, on the compass could see where I was going and the control was there.
16. P D P R 3 Contoured a bit, saw the fence and pushed hard. Was thinking about if I could win today.
F. P D P R 1 Run fast! Must beat conor on run-in split. Only a draw between us on this first day...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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