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Race Evaluation

2015 MetrO League 1 - Macquarie Fields RESCHEDULED: Div 2


1. P D P R Good start, fastest split
2. P D P R Possibly too fast, should have been planning ahead
3. P D P R +01:20Bad route choice; it was onm the upper track. Nothing really obvious on the lower track so overshot. Went from a big lead to 6th place behind Ross Barr!
4. P D P R +00:10Having trouble with scale, went in too early
5. P D P R +00:05Nice big clearing as attack point. Didn't see the flag at first glance, well tucked in.
6. P D P R +00:10Overshot by 20m, but was looking for the feature so looked behind me
7. P D P R Easy, but tough
8. P D P R Chose right route, bit rough to get there
9. P D P R A slog
10. P D P R More slog - why are we in the suburbs
11. P D P R +00:45Motoring OK and catching Miles. Was 10m behind him when he ducked into the bush. Didn't see any track so I continued; gave up after a while and went in - very thick.
12. P D P R Got as close as I could on the track
13. P D P R +00:40Surprising. Went up, maybe a bit too high and got into rocks, then saw the path to my left and went around. To lose nearly a minute??
14. P D P R Dug in and I was catching Miles so easy nav
15. P D P R +00:30Terrible. Should have gone right and more direct. Went flat out and didn't read map, so missed the paths, then got stuck in green.
F. P D P R No sprint left

Total Time Lost - 00:03:40

Split Analysis

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