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Race Evaluation

Sydney Sprint Series #4: Sprint


1. P +00:10Longer careful route staying east
2. P R +00:15Hesitant, ran almost right past it doubting myself, to do three sides of a square into it.
3. P R
4. P P R +00:05Small hesitation in planning route, and into the control from the rock.
5. P +00:10Hesitant leaving 4 then poor image of the control site.
6. P P R
7. P R Bit hesitant ensuring I was on right track.
8. P P R +00:10Overshot in the open and wasn't as easy a route in as expected.
9. P R +01:00Straight wasn't great, track west of Red line to corner, tough bash through to road, then tougher still bash through to clearing.
10. P P R
11. P P R +00:10Couple of overshoots, didn't see track junction after bare rock so turned left at junction near 11, then ran too far along track by 11.
12. P P R +00:05Bit hesitant in the circle.
13. P R
14. P R
15. P D P R +00:10Got very lucky stumbling onto control from clearing

Total Time Lost - 00:02:15

Split Analysis

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