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Race Evaluation

OCIN 25th Anniversary / Flying Pig XIII / Relay Champs: Sunday Long Blue


1. Trail to the road oval, down trail then up past relay parking, then straight in.
4. +00:30Exitted to trail, then decided I didn't want to drop and went forest (slowish) between 1 and 2 to the flat-ridge trail.(20) From there curved out across road, down up white woods near line, and attacked from above a bit hesitantly. (10)
5. +00:05Exitted hesitantly
6. +00:40Drifted SW on exit (5), stuck in green a bit near powerline (5), road around + up/over the parking area/park entrance. Straight was faster (30)
7. Straight
8. +00:15Exit SW to road - a bit bent W at end (5), then trail down (confused a zig-zag 10), up and in.
10. +00:10Road to the oval to the trail down near 6, up reentrant past trails to the NW, across the field, down the white woods and up the medium green to the trail. Hesitated a bit not knowing to turn L or R, but figured it out correctly (L)
11. Trail/field to the curved trail then almost straight in, crossing the wooden bridge.
12. Road around, through a bit of dark green to get into the control area.
13. SSW to the trail, then down to the reentrant to the trail junction and up through the clearing to the bag.
14. Out the trail to the west, the diagonal to the S side of the large reentrant and in. I suspect swinging all the way to an approach from the SE would've been even better...
15. +00:10S, but drifted W to the trail then turned L
16. Back to the trail W of 13, angling down and up past the start the up and looked for white woods down, but didn't find them and just dropped, hitting the trail just in front of John Williams
17. Barely stayed ahead of John up the trail then fighting up the spur just N of the bag, hitting the field 5m from the bag. Then held of John in the chute...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:50

Split Analysis

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