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Race Evaluation

US Individual Champs, Day 2: Blue


1. Nailed it. This could not have been simpler.
2. Saw it from the trail-stream crossing to the E and nailed it.
3. Nailed it (after a brush with out-of-bounds). Heard someone coming from behind.
4. Bad map reading
The someone turned out to be Patrick Shannon. Could not see the earth bank from the "clearing" through the vines, so went on and looked in the ditch to the N. Turned around.
5. Way left up the hill. Corrected. Nailed it.
6. Patrick was pulling away on the uphill. Saw J-J going 6–7, crossing the stream E of #6. On approach, Patrick was about to explore the large reentrant to the SE. I went to the indistinct non-reentrant at the S edge of the green patch, corrected to the N. "Nailed" it?
7. Purple line, nailed it. Patrick went wide at the road but came back upon me just before the control.
8. Trail to paved road. Patrick went straight. I found him and J-J just before the bag. (They) nailed it.
9. I drank for 20 seconds, then went after J-J and Patrick. I quickly lost sight of Patrick, and almost lost sight of J-J. J-J went straight but I took the Pyrite Mine Trail (regaining sight of Patrick) to the first bend, then some green (losing sight of Patrick), found the black V. Nailed it. Never saw Patrick or J-J again.
10. Nailed it.
11. Cramped up in the green. Nailed it, but had to slow down too early as the boundary of the "open" was non-obvious, and I looked in the mapped ditch first.
12. Continuous cramp. Boulder, knoll with bag, saddle S of the abandoned homestead. Nailed it.
13. Mark Dominie left the control just before me. I had to work to catch up, and cramped even worse. As I got up to the trails (Mark was gone more to the right by then), the cramps took over my concentration. I wandered aimlessly in the general SE direction, finding a trail and then the finish chute. Through #14, nailed it.
14. Been here before. Nailed it.
F. Cramp.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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