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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Short Course - Tshwane University of Technology: Course 1


1. Did not plan ahead
Went left instead of R after Hockey field - was the gate marked?
2. +00:02I decided the dark green was forbidden. Only realised after the event that it was fight!
4. Obviously didn't work hard enough based on my split
5. Underrated difficulty
Misinterpreted the map and ended up making 90 deg error. Wrong car park!
6. Spotted the gate in the fence :-)
7. +00:05Came from the bottom rather than round the top
9. +00:05Went down the steps rather than the embankment
10. Map didn't feel quite right?
11. Did not follow plan
Bad map reading
Went down one set of stairs and up the other.
13. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Didn't realise I could cross the green. A number of unmarked paths. In the end did worst option - up to top and down through scattered trees
14. Did not like map
Found unmapped covered paths around south of building below CP6
15. +00:05Hesitation
16. Bad map reading
Initial was going round the south, but recognised the gate as being open and turned back.
F. Bad map reading
Map reading error saw me running around the embankment rather than across the field

Total Time Lost - 00:02:37

Split Analysis

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