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Race Evaluation

Boggs '14: Red Long


1. 0 Not much to say, just folded the map.
2. P R 1 Continued on the trail, then cut off.
3. P R 3 I didn't take the fast route, but I didn't have to think and I looked at the rest of the course. I had trouble finding the road in the circle.
4. P D R 2 Sailed down the hill and had no trouble with the approach.
5. D R 2 I thought the hill would be steeper than it was, so I started thinking I would contour around, but there was no need.
6. D P R 3 Got a little confused as I approached, but that only meant a little hesitation.
7. P R 4 Took the trail around, but I got scared I would pass it so I cut in too early. I had a lot of trouble fighting through the green.
8. R 2 Not much to this one either.
9. P 3 Planned to contour around, I stayed a little high I guess, but I def crossed the ride, so maybe the map...?
10. P R 3 Not fun climbing that hill, but I planned the next leg.
11. R 4 Crashing down the hill wasn't all that fast, and I had to tie my shoe. Lots of opportunities to mess up, but the road was always a catching feature.
12. P D R 2 Pretty easy running, visibility was high the whole leg.
13. R 3 Could've gone poorly because I didn't really have a plan, but the control was visible from the boulder.
14. P R 1 Huge hill climb, I walked the whole way. Not tricky though.
15. P R 3 Lots of options in terms of route choice. I chose the road and ran with Will Enger the whole time.
16. 2 Just a control to prevent a dog leg maybe? Seemed kind of pointless to me, probs would've exited that way anyways.
17. P 3 Lots of people had trouble with this one, which surprised me. It was smooth for me.
18. 2 Bailed out to the trail and ran up that.
F. 0 Go-control.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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