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Race Evaluation

OLOU Sprint #4: Sprint


1. P D P 1
2. P D P 3 Direct route, faster than going around because of the game trail but rough on the legs
3. P D P R 2
4. P D P R 1 At this point a crowed was forming at each control
5. P 1 people were everywhere. it was impossible to navigate since the controls could be found simply by noting where everyone was standing
6. P D P R 4 tried another direct route just to avoid following/being followed. took a long time and by then the course was so trampled there was no point in chasing for speed.
7. P D P R 0 just jogged/ walked the rest of the course so many people on course made running difficult.
8. P D P R 0
9. 0
10. 0
F. 0

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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