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Race Evaluation

WCOC Winter Meeting Sprints: Woods Course


1. Failed to start my watch at the start and didn't realize it until well into the race (it doesn't beep any more). So no splits.
5. +00:20Took the left route which attacks from the north. OK, but I missed the trail junction heading along the river and had to make my own tracks up the steep hill to the trail on the spur.
6. +00:50Bingo control, so I figured I'd just follow the tracks, but I got in the wrong track, too far left; saw Charlie standing still and started heading over his way but he was still short and right; got in the right track and went right to it.
10. +00:20Left 9 heading west instead of northwest, then stayed on the trail a bit too long. (Wasn't willing to test if the stream was crossable.)

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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