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Race Evaluation

DVOA Governor Dick: Blue


1. P D P R 3 +02:00Bad start. Should have ran through the white woods. Then, poor execution of a poor route.
2. P D P R 4 Pace count from fence/trail intersection. Worked nicely, collecting the terrace.
3. P D P R 4 Pace count, collecting the reentrant.
4. P D P R 5 Woo. Best time on long route. Hadn't looked ahead yet so took a good 30-60 seconds to commit to the long route through white woods and trails. Straight was definately an option but looked too rocky/green. My two contouring trail corner cuts were spot on. Easy attack. 5 for route choice difficulty.
5. P D P R 4 Safe/quick running route. Bailed backwards to trail and came in off trail bend with pace count.
6. P D P R 4 +00:20Pace count and compass. Hit the terrace half way there, but was slightly west on another set of boulders. Corrected quickly
7. P D P R 4 +00:10Aimed off west to get the creek. Didn't move the best through the boulders
8. P D P R 4 +01:15Sloppy from #7, trying to avoid boulder field at first, and then running in it anyways.
9. P D P R 4 Went around, and pc/c from rootstock collecting the first terrace. maybe too conservative looking at splits but hill looked really steep.
10. P D P R 3 Tryed to run to this one.. up the hill, saw the rootstock from far away.
11. P D P R 4 +01:00Hit this one okay, but didn't commit and run as fast as I should have through the woods, some hesitations on the trail crossings to avoid a big mistake. Was also messing with gels.
12. P D P R 4 pc/c. Could have been more aggressive.
13. P D P R 4 +00:20no pc/c.. contoured. went around a large fallen tree. then went a little low, misreading the form line for a contour. corrected nicely
14. P D P R 4 Was going to maybe cut the corner, but hit the trail intersection early. pc/c collecting the inbetween terrace
15. P D P R 4 countoured to top trail. attacked from footpath interection above control.
16. P D P R 4 Saw some people in this area. pc/c
17. P D P R 3 +00:10Could have been a little more confident. Took the right route.
18. P D P R 1 +00:20Lost some map contact costing 20 seconds
F. 1 Good sprint

Total Time Lost - 00:05:35

Split Analysis

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