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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander: Highlander


1. With the crowd.
2. Still a crowd.
3. Trails to the long reentrant. Alone as I punched.
4. Fumbled around in the control circle a bit before getting to the correct reentrant.
5. Trails then up the streambed but stopped short and searched for a while. Phil caught up just as I punched.
6. Headed SW rather than SE out of the control, losing about 4 minutes and allowing a big crowd to pass me.
7. SW out of 6 to the trail and over to Surebridge Swamp. Took the big trail between the swamps then continued in the same general direction into the ferns and deadfall. Worked my way from one piece of bare rock to another until I realized I was on the trail SE of the control. Crossed the green swamp to the big cliff and then west to the flag. J-J there shortly after me.
8. Assuming J-J was familiar with the area, I followed him across the swamp and along trails until we made a left turn at the lean-to. Spent the next few minutes keeping J-J in sight and trying to find the building on my map (it's about 200m west of the straight line). We then continued south from there to the wide open hillside about 200m SW of the control and started the relocation process. I headed to the top of the hill where I saw Bernie, Tracey O, and Jeff on their way to 9 and Bernie showed me where we were. Passed a whole train of people on my way into 8 as they were coming out - many of them had passed me as I bobbled 5 and 6. D'oh. Lost at least 10 minutes here.
9. Headed to the left to skirt the hill and green stuff. Read features well right into the control and caught the group (Sharon plus a bunch of middle-aged men). Ate and drank at the aid station.
10. Trail, marsh, up the slot between the cliffs and read the knolls to the control.
11. Leading the crowd to 11 but got off to the left and got caught again! Last of the group to punch.
12. Trail to left. By the time I got to the control, only Tori and Phil were still in sight behind me.
13. Didn't spend too much time looking at routes and headed toward the "Bald Rocks". Picked up Bernie, Jeff and Tracey as I hit the Bald Rocks Ridge and we worked our way to 13.
14. Right of the line but still up and over the hill in between.
15. Drifted right with Tracey and Bernie and we hit the road. Followed the road in to 15.
16. Road, trails and follow boulders in.
17. Very careful since this looked like it could be tricky. Hit the flag right on.
18. To powerline junction then trails and lake edge to the control.
19. Dancing across the rocks.
20. Spent 4 - 5 minutes at the aid station eating, drinking and refilling the Camelback. Didn't punch until I started on the trail run.
21. Trail run - walked a significant amount to avoid cramping later.
22. Exchanged maps and didn't even notice an aid station (didn't really need it) so headed right out.
23. Walking. Road to the road junction then into the woods and read features up to the control. Didn't notice 27 even though I must have been fairly close to it.
24. Stayed in the woods and weaved between swamps. Road may have been faster if I could've run. Trail and stone wall to attack.
25. N to big reentrant.
26. Trail to road, cut in at first junction and followed stome walls to cross swamp at narrow point. Climb to ridge and follow to control.
27. Around right end of swamp, through laurel, NW to flat rocky area and over the hill. Passed three cadets on this leg.
28. Veered right of green marsh on the line and then up to the top of the ridge, attacking from above.
29. Road to power line and in.
F. Was able to jog the roads into the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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