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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander: Highlander


1. Large pack running. Veered right behind JJ so that my pace was not affected by folks passing me.
2. Still chasing JJ and Jim Eagleton on a route slightly to the right of other folks
3. Bouncing on and off the AT and eventually up the long reentrant. Post-holed up above my knee in some soft stuff and amazingly didn't hurt a thing. Into control with Paul R.
4. More or less straight to it, but group ended up high to the E and had to quickly jump one reentrant over.
5. Crossed the road and took the trail to the right, joining a pack that included Sharon Crawford. Went up the stream and ended up a bit too high and short amidst a crowd of a lot of confused folks. Saw two packs heading out as we came in.
6. Pack run
7. Sharon led the group out, heading S and SW round the hill masses and the green. Hit the road SE of Time Square and took it to the trail just S of the line. Cut off SW up the hill through the ferns and deadfall to the bare rock E of the control. Here the pack split with Charlie DeWeese, me and someone whose name I don't know crossing above the NE tip of the swamp, getting up on the bare rock and coming in from the N.
8. Saw Sharon's part of the pack coming in as we were leaving. Crossed the swamp and took the trail SW. Overshot the junction and turned back to greet Sharon's pack. They went right of where we wanted to go so we continued straight down skirting the swamp and heading up the hill to where we could see them going in.
9. Saw JJ (first) and Glen Tryson (later) heading back to #8 having missed it. Sharon led most of us more or less straight, including across the mostly dry and very runnable green marsh. Into control for a wonderful slice of orange.
10. Down and then up the trail with a large number of folks including Sharon, Glen, Charlie and Victoria Campbell. Pack was very dispersed and folks found the control one-by-one.
11. I chased Glen (far) and Victoria (closer) down the hill and to the right of the hill mass, but most of us missed the control, being suckered to the left.
12. Down to the trail and around to the road to the left. Chasing Charlie and Sam Levitin. Charlie swears that he is done running for the day, but will later repeated prove that he is lying... Up the hill and in.
13. Charlie, Sam and I are leaving and Sharon comes in as well. We skirt the swamp S of the control and head up the stream to the trail to Bald Rocks. Charlie Sam and I head SE skirting the swamp and heading almost along the 8-9 line as we see Victoria and Phil Bricker heading across our field of vision down to the control.
14. Through the rocky stream and up the road and in. Pack has spread out now.
15. Down to the control. I catch Charlie when I come in from the E side of the hill mass.
16. Across the road, up the hill and in with Charlie, Victoria, Sam, and Sharon.
17. Following Sharon and Victoria, we go more right and lose Charlie and Sam.
18. With Sharon and Victoria past the T-junction of the power lines to the trail. Victoria opens up a bit on me and I open up a bit on Sharon.
19. With Victoria, across the rock to the control.
20. In for a refill of the Camelback, some orange, a GU, and some other food for my pockets.
21. Following Victoria on the trail run, at least for a little while before she disappears beyond me. Caught by Sam and we share some Cliff shots as we head into the aid station.
22. Left the aid station quickly, walking figuring that Sam will catch me. Cut in late from by the circle, but find it with no problems.
23. Caught on the road by Charlie and then Phil Bricker. We all head in towards 27 and see Jim Rayburn and someone else looking confused and attacking 27 from the N and muttering about "how did we miss this hill mass?" As we pass 27, see Peter G and Mike Lyons in a pack coming over the hill. Phil (leading), Charlie (trailing) and I check off features carefully finally attack from the hill just NE of the circle.
24. We decide for the road, but somehow when Charlie and I get there, Phil is already 100 m ahead. Charlie outruns me, but Phil and Charlie pass the trail. Charlie corrects quickly and we attack off the stone walls as Phil punches.
25. Phil goes over, I go around and Charlie goes over more slowly. We're starting to separate.
26. I close some ground on Phil as we approach the road, but on the road, Phil opens up a lead and Charlie passes me. Charlie catches Phil and they cut in by the first road. They are 100 m ahead of me at this time, but I never see them again. I go all the way to Johnsontown Road, take the trail to the stone walls, cut in and spike the control. To my surprise there are two people there, but not Phil and Charlie; it's Victoria and someone I don't know.
27. Follow Victoria's line down to the swamp and we cross near each other, scrambling on hands and knees to get clear to the white woods. Up the hill and then, as I see the small spur, she says she sees the control.
28. We were planning to go past the marsh, S of the swamp and around and in, but got pulled to the right of the hill mass. We went N of the swamp and up the hill above the control. We were still planning to attack from the clearings, but the hill was so clear and spur so obvious that we went straight down to the control.
29. Again, Victoria runs away from me on the road. I cut in at the power lines, but drift left and thus my pace count leaves me short of the control. I look right to see the cliffs across the road and adjust effectively.
F. Down to the driveway and run for what seems like forever. Hit the road and want to walk, but don't want to. Somehow I slog all the way in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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