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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander: Highlander


1. In the big pack, a general sense of where we were going, but not in close contact with map
2. Similar, saw Peggy on her way back to #1.
3. Still running too fast for close map reading, but easy route on trails, ending up with long run up reentrant.
4. Reading closer now, but pulled a little left by group in front, including Dean, only about 20 seconds worth.
5. Another easy route, SSE on trail, then along stream. Saw a lot of runners coming out on their way to 7. Stayed low until near control. Others were coming in on top.
6. Easy, reading it well all the way. Picked up Tori here.
7. Behind Sharon and went left of the line on side hills until hitting big trail just SE of Times Sq. Another 150 m then smaller trail for a while, eventually getting to large bare rock hills NW of linear marsh and NE of control. With Dean and Dave Levine.
8. Crossed linear marsh sust W of big cliffs opposite, then trail around to right, heading downhill at jct. Again with Dean and Dave. Tori, Sharon and Phil somehow got ahead, but we all arrived at control together. J-J caught us here.
9. Tried to hang on to J-J. He and I got ahead of the group by getting a better route down a steep hill and across a marsh, but I couldn't read the map and follow at that pace. Right of the marsh system along the line, but lost him coming around a corner 100 m North of control and had to stop and relocate, allowing the rest of my group to catch back up.
10. S of big rocky knoll, then N on trail for a bit to marsh and wound through the rocks. Good leg.
11. Up and over, and headed right for it, but sucked off to the left by the others. Maybe 1 minute.
12. N to small trail and thence to big trail, attacking from bend NW of control. Easy control, but lost contact on the trail. Glen and Phil were ahead but out of sight.
13. With Dave L. SE along E side of marsh to break in cliffs, stream, and then trail. Sharon caught us here and we all went up on Bald Rocks. Then left trail and across tops until we saw big rock going downhill, and Jeff Saeger ahead. Just on compass from there.
14. Lost my group going down to the stream. Not very agile climbing down slippery rocks. Near line out to the dirt road and up to the trail from the clearings, then trail to jct and straight. Could see some folks ahead, including Phil and Sharon, Sam L and Dave
15. SW to trail and around, catching up to a few folks.
16. Small trail on hill, then on compass until I saw hill with yellow. With Sam, Dave and Phil.
17. Sam got ahead a bit. Just right of line, reading the terrain pretty well, including bare rock knoll with angled cliff and reentrant draining NW and right in. With Phil and Dave
18. Between marsh and powerline to power line jct, then trail down to the lake and unmapped trail to the dam. Behind Phil. Sam well ahead. Could also see Sharon leaving control as I approached.
19. Across rocks (bad choice) then in yellow to reentrant.
20. Straight
21. With Phil, catching Sharon just before mid run punch.
22. Got ahead of Phil a bit at aid station, and behind Sam and Dave. Approached over top of knoll and caught Dave.
23. Along road with Dave. Phil caught up. Into the woods opposite road and headed up to 7. Got to 7 same time as PG, then reading terrain well all the way, losing ground to Dave and Phil in the difficult footing
24. Catching them back up , then fighting through green out to the road. Tracey Olafsen and Jeff heading back on the road to #25. Spread out on the road, Phil ahead and Dave behind. Missed the trail and had to cut up through the woods to it, as Phil went further on the road. Approached from trail bend with Dave, Phil getting there just ahead from S.
25. Up and over, while the others went around left, getting ahead of me as I struggled with the footing.
26. +10:00Following well behind, on trail out to the road, then passed Dave near road and chased Phil down. Hot and really tired of road running, I foolishly talked Phil into cutting through mostly white area S of 22 and across marsh, then up along ridge. Took a long time, then we missed attack point and wandered one knoll short of control, getting way too low and losing a lot of time. Saw Peggy leaving control as we approached from two lines too low.
27. Waffled a bit on route across or around marsh, getting stuck in a lot of nasty green, then taking a refreshing stomp through the heart of the marsh. Easy once we got through the marsh and the green, but lost a lot of time. Caught Sharon, who was too far left.
28. Left around marsh halfway, then slow through rocky reentrant left of big hill, approaching from the yellow on the spur. Phil got ahead, Sharon and Sam behind.
29. Chasing Phil, taking a little lower route and catching him at the control. Ted Listak a bit ahead, but too far to catch
F. With Phil, jousting a bit on the run in, but finishing together.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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