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Race Evaluation

QOC Little Bennett: Red


1. Wanting to leave little to chance road to teh bend and a 90 degree left
2. clean
3. +04:00feeling good open up and with no sense of pace way overshoot. Also didn't look closely at the clues and thought the clue was a rootstock until well into the overshot. Probably ran right by it without even looking down.
4. Lacking confidence after 3 opt stay close enough to the stream that I know I'll see it and not overshoot. Bad choice. Lots of thorns embedded.
5. Trying to find some balance between speed and contact. No problems but no real route plan beyond slowing down. Another guy coming in behind.
6. Up to the clearing then up high on the east side of streams and coming in due west. A lot of distance maybe 2x measured leg but clean running at least. Seems to be about the same time as the guy coming in behind me at 5 who is coming straight at it from 5 as I'm off.
8. Small trail ESE to the big trail north to teh junction then E.
9. Thinking about how long the route must have been on the last leg force self to slow down and formulate plans.
10. clean but much slower for fear of ankles on the side hill
11. +03:00Thumb compass retaining ring breaks, some searching to recover capsule and broken gasket. Poor choice here SW to the trail just where it comes out of the clearing maximized the time in briars. Stay on trail to reassemble compass while running. Attempt fails it appears to need a replacement retaining ring. Run to where I can see the stream then head almost due W. Would have been much better off to just stick the compass in pocket and shorten route angling off sooner.
12. +02:00Opting not to mess with compass. Basically straigh tup teh stream bed then trails the remainder with a short 180 to query time of day from some hikers (my younger son has claimed my sportswatch and want to make sure I'll be inside 3:00).
13. Trails for all but the last 200m.
F. Clean. After the intervals yesterday I don't have enough confidence in the hamstrings to push the final leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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