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Race Evaluation

Canadian Orienteering Championships 2008: Long Course 7


1. Trail running to start, yahoo! But I ran too far (what a surprise), drifting E after leaving open land. I messed around too long at fire pits before heading back and up.
2. ...again I drifted left...
3. I sprinted this tiny leg third fastest in age group.
4. Trail ran past the hydro corridor and turned in to fight GREEN, listening in on other voices seeking control; punched in stealth mode. I ignored the first of three water stops sensing that this was a day for running not for drinking. I had Cliff bar on board but today was no drink, no eat.
5. Fast run on trails, then up S side of stream bed but was distracted by too many unmapped rocks 50m W of control.
6. Running parallel to Ian Sidders, I was third fastest on leg.
8. I was second fastest, again glimpsing Ian.
9. This leg was catastrophic for me and many others. Somehow I drifted far E (right) and sadly watched Ian sail on in to the distance where he would spend over 2h on the leg. My wonderings 300m E of control was soon joined by Rorry, Bert and others before one very kind soul yelled out from the location. THANK YOU!
10. All white, I put my head down and sprinted, stopping three times for bearing and arrived just south of control. I knew my race had changed here. I could hear the others trying to catch. 2nd fastest.
11. Sprinted away from #10 but half way to trail I yelled at Bert to retrace my path. Hit the trail, N, E on trail, N cross creek to open ground, then along embankment that holds back reservoir and back away from embankment to get control yet still second fastest.
12. Hesitated along fence but co-racer guaranteed we'd be coming to opening for road, raced NE on trail turning in to light green just before highway.
13. Followed racer down trails, counter clockwise round campground circle road and somehow hit building from far S side. Even so I still had 2nd fastest leg. What was everyone else doing? Perhaps the course winner was the guy just in front of me. On this leg, I clinched the bronze medal, fourth but one non-Canadian was before me on the leader board.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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