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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series #5 - Georges Heights: Sprint


2. +00:02First of a few where I didn't spot the flag when in the circle.
3. P P +00:15Got stuck in a fence and crap trying to drop down into walkway around the cannon.
4. P P R
5. P D +00:05Bit slow through the bush.
6. P P +00:20Got to circle and couldn't figure out where control was meant to be, then couldn't spot it.
7. P P R Bit hesitant out of 6 in choosing route.
8. P P
9. P +00:01Sight hesitation before control
10. P Small hesitation enroute not reading detail before corner
11. P R Went east, looked less fiddly.
12. P
13. P
14. P Left #13 wrong way (back to road) then had to drop down.
16. Missed the first track but don't think there was much in it.
18. P R
19. P
20. P R +00:02But of a hunt in the circle
21. P D
22. +00:03Got caught a bit NE of 21, wall that wasn't clear if crossable, probably better reversing out of the control.
24. P +00:01Sight hesitation at junction east of control.
F. P

Total Time Lost - 00:00:49

Split Analysis

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