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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: RedY Middle


1. +06:00From the model and from talking to people I knew that today was going to be tricky and require very careful orienteering. Despite this, I wasn't very careful on the way to 1. I thought I was being careful, but I really wasn't. I'm not exactly sure what happened, except that I had no plan and I seemed to have drifted past the control to the left and curved down in front of 5. I had no idea where I was and was trying to figure out where I could relocate from when I saw Angelica running by. I headed to where she came from and hit 5, which was an easy enough attackpoint for 1. Even so, i wasn't reading the map that clearly or planning well.
2. Managed to read find here and attack from the big march. Starting to get the feel for how careful I had to be.
3. Very careful again, paying attention to direction and checking things off. It's all kind of a blur, I have no clear memory of what it looked like.
4. Still more blur, though the area around the control made perfect sense when I saw it. Improvement.
5. I'd been here before, though that didn't help. Still pretty blurry.
6. Viktoria (who'd apparently passed me on the way to 1) was just ahead here. I took a line further left, but the push of someone just ahead helped me concentrate better. Attacked from the stream corner, though I wasn't totally positive that that was what it was when I passed by! Scary.
7. Careful direction and looking out for the pond. Luckily spotted the bag before I needed the pond.
8. I felt like I could actually move a little faster on this one since I was headed for the big rock features after the stream crossings. Attacked from the end of the fence, which was still a ways away, so I got to the little reentrant with the cliff a bit right and wasn't sure which way. Figured left based on size, turned, and saw Viktoria punching.
9. Squirmed around the nasty green stuff.
10. Cut down the hill around the green stuff and then right on the road to the control, but should have just stayed high around the green. No problem.
11. Crossed the bridge, V went left and I stood still considering the options for a second. Turned right, V had turned around, too. Up the trail and then off at the big corner and straight up the vague nose. Right by the rocky stuff and right at the next little reentrant. Didn't see the perm control marker, didn't even notice it on the map, but it would probably have helped. V behind now.
12. Finally felt like I was in to the map, right of the line a bit to hit the rocky reentrant, then back towards the line for the control.
13. +01:30Got pulled off by another bag and khall punching there, even though it didn't seem like it could be mine. Looked at the map with no brain power as V came by. Both realized we had another reentrant to cross and hit the control.
14. Tripped on my way out, faceplanted, and Sam passed. Awesome. Stayed high on the hill and sort of "felt" for it.
15. V and S were way gone. Doesn't mean I didn't try to push it and catch up...
F. Not so happy with this one, though obviously better than in past years...

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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