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Race Evaluation

OOC March Highlands: Long Advance


1. R 0 I left leaf hidden trail too early and hit control 12 which would later come to haunt me when failing to find 12 from the other side of the green.
2. My crossing of beaverpond was faster this time than leg 12 when I crossed right at lakeside.
3. R I was pleased with route choice which had been discussed over maps pre race. I don't know why my time was so poor.
4. straight N, crossing two trails and shooting off another.
5. straight run though I stopped short like I would do again in leg 14.
6. Used trail for first half of leg.
7. 0 Short quick
8. Peter and I seemed to be doing the same thing for the next four controls.
9. Jorge from Spain led a train and I picked up speed.
10. Jorge flew away but now Stefan led a train.
11. I thought my speed was fine, my best leg, but I guess my brain failed cause my race blew up on next leg.
12. P D P R 5 I screwed up the leg twice. Crossing beaver dam, glimpsed control and sprinted left to what was actually control 1 so ran away toward 12 and again sprinted left to a control not on my map. Now confused I was too tired to locate myself, wandered in circles until returning to both cited wrong controls, this time took compass on map bearing from 1. Ran left to a third wrong control, backed up, continued on bearing through lots of green and drifted just right of control.
13. P R 2 Straight trail run so I don't know why error us assumed. Vertical climb but then drifted left of correct feature.
14. P D P R 1 Straight short sprint though I did stop full looking at rocks.
15. P D P 2 Fell down flat running from trail to trail under lake. I thought I was running toward, then along fence remnant but I'd drifted far right.
16. P D P R 1 I was a caught rabbit running up Second Line but I drifted slight right of feature.
F. 0 Straight sprint

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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