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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Sprint O/Br/G


1. Pretty easy. Saw the trailers and wound through. I recall a little trouble leaning over something to try to get the punch in.
2. Straight, and a bit of trouble with the footing going over the rocks. A little right of line might have been faster.
3. Cut down little paved area and around fenced area, because I was concerned about getting hung up crossing the pipe. As it turned out that wouldn't have been a problem, so lost a bit taking the longer route.
4. Didn't know what the wavy gravel roads were, so didn't head for them. Instead fought through the barberry. Yuck. Probably cost 20 seconds or so.
5. Uphill and bearing off just a bit to hit the trail first and then right in.
6. Saw somebody ahead going down to the right and back up and around. Glad I avoided that and just went a bit left and straight in.
7. Got a little thrown off by the gravel paths and stopped short. Looked right and saw the road. I was just above control, so ok.
8. Down gravel road to corner, then past #3 and basically straight line. Knew the distance was good when I was even with #2.
9. Tired now, and moving slowly.
10. Glad I knew about this one from watching earlier runners. Just motored right on over to it.
11. +01:40Mistake! Following somebody who turned out to be a red course guy and blew right by it. Had to relocate and look for the wall I had already passed.
12. Tired
13. Aimed for yellow gap on hlll across field, but then followed path W to gravel trail and had to stop to reconsider for a second. No problem with control, but just a pretty crummy route.
14. Back up to road and past red control on tree, through buildings and in. Just slow.
15. Left of line coming in from the W. Had to cross the stone wall, which was slower than coming in from the SW.
16. No problem. counted off the smaller building on the way in.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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