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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Middle Green X


1. +01:45Thorugh the mist/fog with an early start. Below the large cliff, then I think I faded downhill. Unsure how far downhill I'd gone, checked out every rockface as I worked my way uphill. Wasn't sure which way the rock face was facing, which slowed things down a bit.
2. Control tucked in very tight...
3. +01:00Throw off by the unmapped rockface as I cut in just after the trickle hit the road. Concerned I might have overrun along the road, so headed up the trickle thining it might be the one past the control. Figured it out once I got a bit higher up
7. +00:30Still not fully synched with the generalized map. Floated a bit left/downhill and things weren't matching up. Recovered fairly quickly - knew I needed to head east and fortunately saw the flag as I approached the area.
8. +02:30Past 4 without seeing it, borad reentrant to the left, trying to get the knolls straight in my head with only partial success. Saw the smaller reentrant down to the right past the first line of rockfaces. Not confident of where I was, overshot downhill, trying to out which if any of the rockfaces I could see were mapped. Was pretty sure I was too far downhill, started slogging back up to relocate on the top of the ridge and saw it.
9. Much more pleased with my plan and execution of this leg. Good to have the security of the marsh and trickle just past it.
11. Through the rocky reentrant, onto the trail up through the parking lot, along the road for a short bit, then angle down

Total Time Lost - 00:05:45

Split Analysis

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