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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Middle Green X


1. Cautious - went L of line below big cliffs, up reentrant and out to nose. Almost dropped to check out lower cliff but looked over shoulder to see bag.
3. Bothered by big rock/cliff just off road after little stream. WTF!
4. +03:30Went just to L side of little hill and missed bag. Circled on and around cw and saw bag as I approached.
7. Checked out bag at cliffs before ours.
8. +03:00Confused by rock face just after 4, mistaking location. Hit real cliffs but unsure of location along ridge. Bit to R
9. Up to top of cliff and along reentrant below cliffs to nose and up to bag.
10. +00:30Straight down along stream, across marsh to hill but on SE side and didn't see bag at first.
11. Contoured along through bits of green until looking down at road near bend. Dropped down around L side of hill to bag.
12. To trail for a bit but muddy and uphill. Cut straight down. Nice open woods with a few rocky bits but fine really.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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