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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XII: Red/Blue Sprint 2


1. Started out like a banshee, seemed that I had instant recognition at the start and no hesitations. A bit fast... saw Ron on his way out as I went in.
2. +00:10Maybe I should have slowed down - I started up the open field side without seeing the gap for the trail. Realized that there was no good AP from the field and there was lots of green, so I cut through early and tried to offset from the edge. The rootstock was big, so no problem seeing it.
3. I'd seen lots of other people approaching this control but for some reason it still took a fair amount of thinking to try to pick the fastest line. I tried to keep as straight as possible to go left of the fence. Afterwards thought that going over the fence would have been faster, until I actually tried it and realized that they were made of cheap plastic and would have resulted in a surprising reaction. Ron was not far in front of me now.
4. +00:15Headed out of three and went through the next building gap, then along the backside to the opening in the woods. Unfortunately, wasn't paying attention to the ditch and both Ron and I headed to the left trail. Realized it quickly and crossed the ditch to the correct trail. Better route would have been to cross early through the woods, I think.
5. +00:20Not sure what happened here, but I ended up drifting far right in a very short distance, didn't even noticed going over the trail the first time. Realized I was too far, spotted the reentrant on my left, and then Ron running into it...
6. Contemplated taking the low route but then realized it would involved climbing through junk at the end... might as well just stay above it all. Took the totally safe right route around everything, finally passed Ron just before the control.
7. The quick change to short legs didn't bite me here, no issues.
8. +00:15But it did here. I went right over the big trail into the white open woods, totally deceived by the scale. Had to stand there for a few seconds to figure it out. Definitely a twilight zone feeling. Finally figure out that I was "way" past the control and spotted the rocks. And then Ron. Again.
9. Took a second to see what I was doing and followed the trail no problem. Shortcut just past the tree probably helped.
10. A little reckless on this leg and I got lucky that I saw the spur to the left.
11. What was this leg for?
12. +00:10My AP was the opening to the right on the trial just shy of the control, but I never saw it, ran right by, all the way to the big opening past the control. Had to double back through the trees. Ron was coming from the other side... Argh!
13. Crashed (and crawled) straight through to the field and headed left because I was on the left, though thinking that right looked shorter. Lucky it didn't happen the other way, since left was not so hot.
14. Reading well still, a good sign for the ned of a race, knowing exactly where I needed to go (cut through, around the gap, through the trees, look for thicket.
F. Yeah, a little bummed with all the small goofs.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:10

Split Analysis

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