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Race Evaluation

QOC - Wheaton: Red


1. +01:00Really tentative a I compassed to this control. No real plan except to run into it.
2. +01:00Contoured the left side of the reentrant to drop onto trail. Got to the area but was confused by all the fencing. Jut luckily turned around at the right time to catch the flag.
3. +02:00Tentative to start because of all the out of bounds & fencing. Failed to see on the map the trail up from the train tracks.
4. +18:00Misread the map as I transitioned from one open area to the next. Veered way to the left, misreading the map ending up on the wrong saddle. No attack point aimlessly searched with no real plan to get beack on track.
5. +00:30Poor route choice,
6. +01:00Poor route choice
8. +03:00Poor route choice
9. +01:00Tentative and tired
10. +03:00Good route choice, poor execution from misreading map
11. +01:00Looking for a building that was not there.
12. +01:00Tired, walked all the way
13. Rested from previous leg ran good
14. +01:00Walked most of the way up the hill
15. +01:00Veered further left than I planned bas I ran down the hill.
16. +03:00Too much walking, missed reading a trail from the map
17. +01:00missed reading a trail from the map. Real tired
F. tired

Total Time Lost - 00:38:30

Split Analysis

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