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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Day 2 Red Y


1. +00:15cut in right after bridge, should have gone a bit farther as I had to negotiate some deadfall (didn't seem small green bit on map), but after than I spiked it.
2. +00:10slightly below the flag climbing back up to it
3. +04:00got off to L a bit after crossing road, then turned downhill a bit too early and wandered a bit before moving over the the correct area
4. +18:00BOOM.... wanted to go below all the green crap, but kept hitting green and finding the cleaner woods to my L (uphill), vegetation kept pushing me L deeper into the green and eventually I got over to the stream gully system then totally floundered for 12-15 minutes. Totally dejected I sat down on a big rootstock at what should have been an obvious reentrant junction and spent 3 minutes or so perusing the map to no avail. Since JJ wanted to go flying I then chose my best route to DNF.. And upon leaving, I wound up stumbling into my control. Seems I must have gotten so high in the green I totally went past the first stream re-entrant system and was in the next one over. Decided to try a couple more controls before giving up
5. +00:30Slow, tentative, down to the stream junction, then over the hill and in. Better..... Should have gone around the hill, but the top was a solid attackpoint at least.
6. Straight and clean, hey, this orienteering stuff's not so hard.....
7. well rested from sitting on my rootstock, I kicked it into high gear and managed to run well, string together the nice white woods and maintain contact all at the same time. woohoo!! Over to the dirt road junction, then L when past the green.
8. +02:00More fast running and stringing together white bits. Out to road, then up to junction, down road and then into woods - tough reading contours in here, trying to stay above reentrant but not able to see it all that well. Once in the open woods again I must have passed just above the control without spotting it as I hit the distinct larger spur behind it and doubled back. I think most of the time loss was in the low visibility area just before I got back to the last bit of open woods
9. Ran a series of very nice clean controls in here. Pavlina in sight for the next couple, but taking different routes
11. short leg, best split. Pity I can't recall it without a map in front of me...
12. Lost Pavlina here I think - was this the water control? I remember taking some water and swallowing a fairly substantial insect of some sort as I had to stop and hack for close to a minute to expel whatever it was I swallowed with the water.. ugh...
13. rest of course mostly strung along clean, slow climbing hills but I don't think any issues were at hand. Again, no map to reference...
F. This was really the penultimate control because after downloading, I had to immediately hightail it back to the parking area to hit the road. So my 'finish sprint' as actually 1.2km long and pretty much at max capacity...

Total Time Lost - 00:24:55

Split Analysis

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