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Race Evaluation

OOC Cité des Jeunes: Long Advanced


1. Took trail W all the way to woods, then cut S
2. Straight up the very narrow canyon w/ dangerous footing
3. This was nasty control in a dangerous area. I'm sure I fell off map and wandered forever but so did everyone else. The control was much lower in elevation than where my group were searching.
4. I went over the top & explored two deep-cut passes before getting to correct one.
5. +02:00On dangerous footing my thumb came off map and I headed NNE & round base of hill as if going from 5 to 6. At least 200m added to this leg.
6. back down reentrant & then rounded W base of hill
7. nice long run to trail, on trail, N up green but still didn't run under 10min/k
8. N to trails & latched on to Emily flying by
9. I decided routing different then Emily (& should not have gone on my own) & ended up well below control.
10. +05:00I circled round & round & round seeking this one.
11. S to trail where I met Eric but he wouldn't follow my trail run. Robbie passed by just before we left trail S for control.
12. Don't know why but I took far too long getting to control and punched just before Eric arrived.
13. This section of map is always trouble for me. Maybe this winter I'll figure out what's wrong with this leg. Fortunately I eventually stumbled into swamp and worked it back N & W.
14. I stopped too many times checking out wrong rocks along the way.
15. Ski trail is mowed so it was fast run to rock stairs and broken path to sheer drop to control
F. Even with the full out run to finish I couldn't break 10min/k

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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