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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series Final & US Relay Champs: Sprint C


2. This was actually my third loop. Jeff S. had been following me the first two loops. Later I found out that it was because he didn't have his glasses! Sam gave them to him for the third loop and he disappeared off the front. I could see him and Glen off ahead of me on this leg.
3. Trail to the stone wall then straight. Jeff was gone, I could still see Glen off ahead, but he was gone before I got to the control.
4. Road to the rough open then in along the forest boundary. Got there just behind Glen and left while he was looking at his map.
5. Right of the buildings, running the driveways.
7. This was my first loop. Trailing a pack.
8. Thinned out a bit, with Jeff
9. Don't much recall this one - just along the path, right fork and in.
10. Trail
12. Easy
13. Slowed down a bit in fear of missing it in the green, particularly because I saw the dot knoll I later figured out was under the circle.
14. Kept stonewall in sight to the right, looked for small path in the small yellow area and followed it to the field corner
15. Easy
17. Read the description, so figured out to go between the green blobs. Didn't realize they had knolls in them until later. Brown doesn't show up so well in green to me. Saw Glen coming in from the far side as I was punching.
18. S to pick up the curving path near the stone wall, following it to the T and then across the parallel walls to the next trail, then south. Glen did trails all the way and got ahead of me. Came in too soon from the trail and got into some thick stuff.
19. Glen, Susie and another guy all passed me either right before or after 18, and pulled away on the slog N. Trail all the way to the little parking area, then E to just before the thicket. Glen and Susie had overrun it, so I got ahead of them.
20. Running hard, but no match for Glen.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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