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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Day 3: Blue


1. A bit pokey, going straight and trying to get into the map.
2. Took the first trail to the junction, then up the hillside into the control.
3. Still not quite sure what went wrong here. Followed the edge of the marsh, then straight up the hill. Counted two hilltops, but was actually on the third. Came back and met Ross at the control.
4. Straight, Ross got a little ahead.
5. +09:00Should have taken a moment to look this leg over before commiting. Went straight east with Ross, but then decided I really wanted the left hand route coming in on the trail, so I split. Some of the trail junctions were really vague so I lost a little time overruning a couple of them. Attacked from where the little trail meets the main trail NNW of the control. Thought I was being careful, but ended up missing right. Had to relocate off the big marsh/lake. Basically a big mess. If I had it to do over, I would have gone way north, coming in on the trail near 7 and using the side of the ridge as a handrail into the control.
6. Followed the ridgetop. No problems, but I was going slow after such a bad error.
7. Went a bit right and wound up so close to the road I decided to just tkae the road over to the lighter woods into the control.
8. +00:30West to the trail, then following the most direct trail route. Trails near the control were a bit off and steered me to the wrong clearing. Recovered quickly.
9. Trail pretty much the whole way, cutting corners where appropriate. Was going to go around the bottom of the marsh, but I could see the two knolls E of the control from the trail so I cut straight across the marsh to them. Wyatt and Eric came into the control at about the same time.
10. Hung with Wyatt down through the campground, but then he went straight into the woods and I wanted to go around in the fields to the trail. Attacked from the trail bend NE of the control. Freaked out a bit when I saw that the marsh N of the control was a lake, but kept going without any time loss.
11. Didn't think there was enough to read, so I just went on compass figuring I could relocate off the trail if I needed to.
12. Between the first two marshes and then along the E edge of the big marsh.
13. Straight.
14. Started just right of the line, but ran into some really nasty stuff and had to back out. Went further right.
15. Completely missed the trail route. Went down the spur through the light green which wasn't too bad. Clem caught me at the control.
16. Basically straight. Stopped on the hilltop SW of the control to check off a few things before going in. Clem kept going and got a small gap, but then stopped to drink so we were back together heading to 17.
17. Up to where the hill got steeper and then contoured over. Was getting a bit loose by the control, but was hoping that the extra set of eyes would help. Clem led into the control.
18. Clem found the little clearings faster than I did and got away. Through the campground and then the trail to the top of the ridge. Ran the S side of the ridge crossing the saddle just before going between the lakes. Pretty good running the whole way. Up the spur and then staying in contact with the N side of the ridge into the control.
19. Over the ridge and then left of the little marsh.
20. Straight. A bit tentative.
21. Left of the line, checking off the marsh.
22. +00:30Started straight using the big trail as a collector. Missed how steep the big depression was and lost some time scrambling up the far side. Then took the little trail left of the line and attacked from where it starts to go down the hill. Joe Sackett was just ahead of me running the same leg on the red course. He cut off the trail sooner and beat me into the control by a good bit, so this was a pretty crappy leg for route choice.
23. Wasn't sure how easy it would be to get through the green along the edge, so I just ran to the first place I could see that didn't look too bad. Came out to the field N of all the green stuff.
24. Straight.
25. Straight. Couldn't make any sense of the trails, but it didn't matter because the fields were easy to read.
F. Almost caught Joe by the end, but he managed to hold me off.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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