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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Day 3: Blue


1. Across the green to the lower trail, around the SW side of the hill and in from there. Saw Christoph for the first time.
3. Between the two marshes left of the line, and up the big reentrant.
4. Left of the line, bounced off the trail.
5. Pretty close to the line the whole way.
6. Stayed high.
8. N to road, trails as long as possible, then missed (and saw Dylan) and hit the trail NW of the control. Bounced back easily from there.
9. Trail to about halway, dodging MTBs, then skirted the S edge of the crossable marsh and cut through the field, and soon afterr that encountered Christoph who had taken all trails and caught up. We ran together from there, N of the big marsh, and passed Tim. Thick getting in to the control.
10. Dogleg back out, S to campground where I was passed by Tex. We took different trail choices, and at one point I saw him up ahead, but I was confused as to where I was, and took a wrong turn, heading S toward the two lakes. I think Sandstrom was coming up from behind right then. It cut through the yellow N of the W lake, but the yellow was nasty. Once I got through it, the woods were okay, and as I topped the hill before the control, I caught a glimpse of two people leaving (Sandstrom and Schirm, maybe?).
11. David Onkst arrived at #10 just ahead of me, and he was right behind me for the next 7 controls.
12. Trail to SW of the control — didn't want to risk going through any more multiflora than I had to.
15. Straight, between the marshes.
16. Almost didn't see the control, but I looked again and spotted the bottles further to my right.
17. Yikes! Clockwise around the big depression, but instead of clibing the hill, I got myself into the area of assorted dpressions, and didn't know what was what. Just kept going SE,and when I saw the clearing down the hill tomy right, I turned left and climbed, saw the big depression ahead, and went to thr right spot. Phew! David arrived just after me and this was the last I saw of him.
18. E through the crud to the campground, then took the trail along the S edge of the big open area. Tex caught back up in here after having erred earlier, and slowly pulled away. Went right past #4, and almost blew it at the last moment near the control, but pulled my head back together.
22. SE to trail on ridge, then zigged and zagged on trails to get close, and headed down through what was supposed to be white woods to the depression N of the control. It was horrible. Thrashed through the vegetation, knew where I was going but it took a long time to get there.
23. Got to the right spot, didn't see a control in the reentrant, but since I couldn't see the green on the map I figured I must be in the wrong place anyway. Circled around confused, and saw the control on my second look, from a different angle.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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