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Race Evaluation

Vermont Ski-O Weekend: Blue Long


1. attacked from left using snowshoe trail. Did not even see it on map when made a route choice.
2. from the left
3. +00:40chosen the route from the right , passing the start. Could have been OK but then after crossing the marsh selected the second trail ie after the hill top. the snowshoe trail I was going to use was not there so I took the next one with climbing. It would be much better if attacked from the top of the hill.
4. +00:20was not sure about the conditions of the lower trail and approached cp around from the left.
5. cut directly to control and catch up with Mitch
6. straight to big trail and then back in woods on it's turn
7. Stayed on a low trail all way until the shortcut
8. Used the left fork and snowshoe trail down the hill
9. +01:30chosen a snowshoe trail. reached the sharp turn right but seeing the straight continuation thought that it was a shortcut to the next turn and control. After crossing the log realized that trail went to low. Instead of coming back took my ski off and climbed straight up.
11. +00:20Skied around on the field instead of cutting straight.
13. +01:00lost some time on food stop fitting back the water bottle back into the cooler and then some looping on the top of the hill getting to far east before reaching the trail at the end of the open field
16. Cut straight up from cp , then using snowshoe trail to the next trail and then back in several meters later.
17. +01:00when reached the point of taking off the trail thought it was a wrong place as snowshoe trail was suppose to go uphill not downhill as it was in reality so continued farther and confirmed the location. Attacked the control backwards as result.
18. straight
19. skied up at the end.
20. cut across the field
21. +00:40lost my hat on a way down
22. took my ski of and ran two cuts straight up then skied around
23. +00:30 down to the trail, left to the intersection and then down to the sharp angled intersection to the left. Would be better of by using left path and approaching from the top.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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