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Race Evaluation

Vermont Ski-O Weekend: Blue Middle


1. straight up
2. +03:00choose the left path around instead of taking ski off and running up along the snowshoe trail. Did not want to deal with clearing boots from wet snow
3. +00:10from cp continued forward to the intersection and then down. Small hesitation before taking dotted trail to control but no more than 5-10 sec
4. Straight along the dotted trail.
5. approached from the left
6. continued to intersection and then down the trail - straight to the point
7. +01:00when reached the corner of the field there was a trail which I followed without checking the direction. Lost a minute before figured it out.
8. cut through the field and then up - straight to the control.
9. cut through the field to the intersection.
10. left, left , right left - no problem on a way down. nice and fast
11. took some time to figure out what is the next control after the map exchange. First move was to go to #9 but then realized that we already had #10 before. the rest was easy - the only problem was avoiding parents who were following racing kids.
12. up and right. saw the cut but it was uphill and not appealing.
13. continued forward and then down
14. straight to the dotted trail.
15. same
16. passing 17 and field cut
17. same way back
18. straight along the trail
19. back a little and down to the xc start area.
F. straight to finish

Total Time Lost - 00:04:10

Split Analysis

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