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Race Evaluation

Oxford City Race: Open


1. Straight, no problems.
2. Spotted the left route early across the river and took it. I think it was the quickest. Was able to punch from wrong side of wall (oops).
4. +00:08Lots a few secs searching between each hedge, and then still missed it. Found it 2nd time.
6. +00:15Saw the footpath next to river early, saving myself the long run round. Overshot the control though as it was lying flat again the wall on the other side.
8. +00:20If only they had a camera... Ran across the courtyard, thinking I could cross the hedge. I couldn't, then saw a board hanging on the other side. I leaned over to swipe it with the emit, but then realized it was a normal signboard, not the control.
9. +00:10Up and down the staircase. Should have taken other right hand route.
10. Good leg. Spotted the alleyway straight away.
11. Stayed on the larger alleyways as there was quite a bit of pedestrian traffic.
14. +00:05Went to right hand side of car park. Good option. Hesitated near the control.
15. My best split. 4th. Hit it spot on, and actually didn't push too hard on the leg.
17. I wonder how many people cut across the grass?
18. +00:30I went back to the car park, thinking there was a tunnel under the building. Was prevented from entering, so had to run a long way round.
21. Very tricky navigation to get into the area of the control.
23. Went back out via gate I used into 21. Was it the best? Maybe.
24. Northern option past the construction area.
27. Took the small alley next to the construction site, the ducked in through covered tunnels from Uni Parks side.
28. Legs starting to buckle because of the ITB.
F. Nice, slow sprint into the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:28

Split Analysis

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