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Race Evaluation

Billygoat 2000:


1. felt a lot better going uphill this year
2. +03:00got off to right, walls caught me and sent me back
3. right to near stream
4. second trail, Judy Dickenson and others take the first and I pass them
5. got a little high, just tired
6. +03:00left to wall bend and white swamp piece then miss control to right, use Judy as attack point
7. right to trail bend then e to control, beat Judy in as she went left
8. almost straight using big boulders
9. use blue to correct reentrant
10. left to blue on trail then straight n
11. left, trail bend and in
12. trails
13. +01:00L to set up 14, almost straight using trail and walls (lost a shoe in mud) looked better than road
14. +01:00slog uphill, turn right on wrong trail, large boulders lead me in
15. seriously considered skipping here - should have because of footing after control- easy on trails mostly
16. right of knoll, to large boulder and in
17. around using trails - a wash probably because straight through arrives at same time
18. road, off 70m past road jct, knoll, around marsh and in
19. almost straight, read stonepile at wall and in, see Judy again coming from trail to 18
20. a little right reading spurs
21. a little right to 1st trail across stream, to bend on 2nd trail and in
22. almost straight, catch Gail Lex and MaryJo at control
23. +00:30tried to skip but couldn't swing it - angle right to stone wall, couldn't see trail, cut across and blunder into control, relocating there
F. left of straight to trail, find Bob Bullions and George Hawes coming up trail, thank you to organizers

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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