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Race Evaluation

2006 Sprint Series Finals: Sprint #2 - short


1. Running with Karl Ahlswede, Charlie DeWeese, and Matthew Robbins. I led out around R side of building to trail.
2. Had a hard time finding the right bearing leaving #1, but I think I made it first to #2.
3. Just ran W, sensing Karl somewhere in the vicinity
4. fairly straight
5. took the trail on the E side of the field out, then a beeline. Karl punched in right after me.
6. Not a good leg -- I retraced my steps a little to avoid the marsh, then went too far N and ran the N side of the hill. Hesitant, but ended up spiking the control. The dark green was open forest it seems. Lost time here.
8. Followed contour to trail, ran it almost to junction, then cut south, hitting the road at the west side of the little clearing, bouncing back into the woods.
9. Another bobble -- went close to straight north, finding the rocky little cliff just N of the trail, which was mapped as stony ground. For some reason this confused me more than it should and I panicked a little. Finally I breathed & figured it out.
10. Followed the trail a little, but then took a straight line, crossing the rocks
11. Straight
12. This was confusing. I headed NE to pick up the trail, but I guess I found an unmarked one that fed me back to the road. I didn't figure out where I was until I was S of the control. Time lost here -- met j-j at the control
13. Followed j-j to water -- I followed water, I guess he found the trail that led direct to the control.
14. E to field of course.
F. For me, a pretty good run. Nice course.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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