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Race Evaluation

Billygoat 2000:


1. Long time to locate start triangle. Eventually just followed the pack. Not in the best of shape so held back and tried for a comfortable pace. Wanted to look ahead to plan my skip strategy but needed to watch my footing. Followed the pack to the control. Punched with Brad Whitmore and MarK Dominie.
2. Pack thinned out a bit. Went with Brad slightly left of hill while everyone else went over the top.
3. As we are leaving, Alar comes running up from below. Down to small trail to large trail and in to control.
4. A comfortable pace on the road is still picking up places. Brad is still nearby and JJ Cote is just in front of me. I look ahead to see what looks like a good skip. Do not want to skip early and see no good opportunity after 19. 17 or 18 just wastes a good road run. See potentials at 8, 13, 15. Tentatively decide to skip 15 and take 13R. Pass a few more just before the control. Alar has caught up.
5. Bad compass work
Followed others
Now at the front of my pack. Alar heads back to road skipping 5. Not a bad choice but earlier than I want. I chase the group in front and catch the back end when they hesitate. I hesitate also. My compass says I am low but the terrain says I am high. The lead group (lead by Pam James) heads down. The group behind me (with JJ) stays high. I waffle until I see the stone wall then head down in time to see Pams group punch. Looking at my map now it is easy to see why I was high: the course line drawn on my map does not line up with 4 & 5. I see no one behind me when I punch.
6. Did not plan ahead
Head to west of first swamp with the tail end of Pams pack. Thinking that the people I can see can see Pam, I am just crusing on automatic. Realise that I am following two cadets and that everyone else has gotten away. Start paying attention to what I am doing. The cadets crash straight into the swamp. I head east looking for a better crossing spot. After the stone wall I find a nice spot at the 'm' in swamp. Getting worried because I do not see the trail. Had not noticed the trail before the swamp either. Hit the contol dead on anyway. Mihai comes from the W and punches just ahead of me.
7. Bad route choice
Lacked confidence
Do not even notice the trail to the south and take off after Mihai north of the green. Cannot keep up and Mihais light green clothes are difficult to follow. Realise I have dropped to low since I see no green woods and have missed the stone wall. Slowed down and started angling uphill while keeping a sharp eye for anyone cutting across to #8. Hit the trickle E of the control and follow the reentrant back. Alan Young and two cadets are there. I do not know if they are the same ones from #5 or not.
8. +00:30Alan leads the way and the cadets & I follow. We catch Cherie Mahoney on the way. Without the cadets as a buffer I would not probably have been dropped. A small error up front allows me to keep contact.
9. I see Mark Dominie and a pack heading in as we leave. I concentrate on Alan and Cherie since the cadets are clearly following. When Alan stops they stop. Expecting to be dropped at any moment, I am doing my own orienteering. When they drift left just before the control, I sneak in ahead of them, punch and head for the trail hoping noone saw me.
10. Tired
Take the big trail and cut in at the ride then past the big boulders and up to the spur. Have no energy on the uphill and slightly miss the bag. Alan catches me but Cherie and the cadets are left behind.
11. We catch Erin Olafson and someone else.
12. Alan slowly pulls away. I st uggle to stay with Erin. At the control I stop to admire the code: TG Even thou Ted earned it, they are still my initials.
13. Did not follow plan
Did not check features en route
Followed others
I also stop to drink my ERG. Could not find my powder this morning so only have about 12 oz. Drink it all and eat an orange section. Had decided on 13R since I could take the trail and follow the stream. Erin had gotten away while I drank but she and two others are visible ahead on the trail. They go to the stream while I cut the corner. Something is not right. Realize that we have cut up to soon and contour over into the control.
14. +02:00I am leading the pack and do a poor job. The clearing looks logged so I stay low and do not notice the nice trail. We stuggle up the hill, past the stone wall bend and then I lead us up the reentrant to the south. Some cadets cross behind us on the road apparently having taking the trail option. I determine we are in the wrong reentrant and the cadets are just leaving the control as we get there.
15. I start to follow the pack and then remember I planned to skip 15.
16. Disturbed by others
Head downhill to the trail at high speed, taking a much better route then I took on the way up. I stumble and fall landing very hard on my right wrist and getting a superficial but very bloody cut on the thumb. Run hard on the trail all the time hoping that 15 is a hard, rocky difficult run. Stop at the trail jct across from the green when ? Steve Worthington? asks where he is. He is between 13 and 14 and way off. I see Bob Lux come out of the woods leaving 16. I cut in. Crossing the stone wall just off the trail I use my right wrist. Pain! Definately sprained. I can see the control from the wall and am in and out without seeing anyone. Hopfully Erin and the cadets have been left behind.
17. Head on straight line for 17 trying to catch a glimpse of Bob. Alan Young and ?? catch me from behind going by the swamp. I take a drink at the control.
18. ?? races away on the road. I feel the first twinges of a pontential cramp and keep an even pace behind Alan. We catch Bob and a totally exhausted & walking Steve Dentino. Cut in just past the stone wall, around the end of the swamp. I see many stone piles and then one with a control.
19. Did not check features en route
Took a chance
Underrated difficulty
Alan and someone else are just barely in sight. I had looked ahead and the rest of the course looked like a straight run which should not be difficult. They got out of sight when I took to long crossing the stone wall before the trail. Got careless and did not go to the corner before heading for the boulder. Missed the bag and started searching nearby boulders. Stopped to listen for Bob and Steve, nothing. Ran west back to the stone wall and came out at the trail 100m north of trail,wall crossing. Followed the stone wall in but cut off before the corner. Missed the control again. Went back to wall, went to corner, took careful bearing, found control. Gave location away to someone just arriving.
20. +00:30Know I have screwed up badly and lost energy I will need for the run in. Hope that few places were lost because I saw noone. Half way to 20 a pack led by Ken Walker Sr catches me. Peggy Dickison comes up from below. Samantha Saeger is also there as well as ?Steve Worthington? from the run to 16. I still have the lead but throw it away as I drop to low and end up in the green below the spur.
21. We run as a group. I have no recollection of our route but I am first to the bag.
22. Almost screw up as I start out for 23. Pack keeps me on track. Most go to low and have to climb up to the control. I am low also but a burst of speed keeps me near the front.
23. +00:30Not wanting a pack sprint I put my effort here. Everything is ok until I hit my head ducking under a log and fall on my wrist again. I head for the yellow part of the swamp, most head more north. Ken takes the straight line. Ken wins. I am father north than intended. Pass Steve Dentino again. Samantha and I angle in from the rocks to the north as Ken comes straight into it. I punch just ahead of Samantha
F. Ken takes off down the trail south. I follow not wishing to deal with the green on the direct line. Samantha follows. Afraid to look back to see who else is there. Samantha passes me before the wet spot and I start to cramp trying to stay with her. Ease back and keep a steady pace in. No one catches me from behind. 50th male 54th overall. The 8 minutes on #19 really hurt and I lost time on the skipped leg. 5 would have been a better choice since I lost time on both 5 and 6. I never considered skipping 14 but I was ahead of JJ until he skipped 14 while I skipped 15. The fall did not help any but it did not bother me unless I tried to use my wrist. The pain did not start until the drive home. My wrist is in a cast now for at least 3 weeks.

Total Time Lost - 00:18:30

Split Analysis

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